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  1. Agencies in Dubai,you are not kind at all,this is pure wickedness and selfishness. You know most of the girls you had are no more in Dubai,why still using their photos active for such a long time when this girls returns to Dubai,nobody calls for them because you were sending fake girls instead of the girls the clients requested,This girls comes back,pay hotels waiting for jobs but nobody come because you have made them look fake because of your selfish needs Look am warning you all,if you don't take down those photos of girls you are using while they are not here,am going to Name all the Agencies using photos of Girls who are not in Dubai. Be kind to this girls,Be truthful to your clients,they are not fools as you thought. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  2. This whole "photo verification" thing is a gimmick,,,a big joke and total BS. When a girl who is totally different from the picture shown arrives...and the Escort Agency is informed about it...they have nothing to say. I feel that since there is no one to question them they can continue to keep deceiving the customers. That's why I think that the Escort Agencies are working in collusion with the girls and actually are the ones to be blamed. There is one girl for example that I can see who has maybe 10 different profiles....10 different names....mixed nationalities and mixed body dimensions....YET the pictures are the same. So....what "verification" are the agencies really doing. I asked for one girl whose profile said that she was Lebanese ....the girl that came was Russian....didn't know any arabic...looked nothing like the pics that had been shared with me....and still the Call Manager at the Agency and the model INSISTED that she was the same one and didn't do anything about it!!! They didnt realize that I was looking specifically for a Lebanese model!! So....where/what is the verification process??!!!! Its total BS!!!

  3. @lana888, Hi, good evening, I'm going to Dubai and I'm reading that the men complain about feiks photos, what better website for me to announce could help me with some tips. thanks

  4. If once all the men looked at personality and brains of the girl, instead of stupid photos, the world would be a better place!

  5. To top all of that most of the profiles using the pics of models from instagram who been to Dubai and then lure the customers in to the lie.

  6. Best is to contact verified independent girl who has a proper website and online presence

  7. The worst is when they are using fakes of girl from bahrain site even if the girl never been in dubai. Ive found twice my photos were used and i had to ask agencies and the aite delete them. One of tye agnecy was Vikki Stars and the other Indipendent girls. And also i still didnt get reply from the aite how they could verify my photos if there was the other person. When i askd agencies why they do auch bad things,they answered "i didnt kniw it was real person'!!!!????? Yes,im real and i payed a lot for my photosets and now im in Dubai and customers think im fake! Even if i send my video they dont believe.

  8. True.

  9. I didn't realise this was happening here It's a joke and spoiling it for the honest girls

  10. i'm a regular customer and I can echo the above comment many times I turned girls because they are not as the picture. O feel really sorry for the girls. Best Agency I deal with is a lady i known for a while and she doesnt adverise here a lot. her number is +380939393948 (Lisa) you will thank me guys...

  11. very unfair of them,they makes the girls looks fake because of their greed...please name them all to save girls.

  12. Am really glad someone has to speak up about it,even when you call them to say you are not here,they still don't listen. Good job...thank you very much.

  13. Bravo!!! Absolute True !!! Keep on watching "Fake Agency's"

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