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Experience with Hottest and Cheapest Agency (1 posts)

  1. Recently, I tried this Russian agency although I was quite aware they will lie or only say the partial truth. I can only say it is hit and miss. The first I requested was Evelina, a Polish girl. The girl who came could not be recognised - she had a round face, while the picture showed an elongated face. But she was attractive enough. However, Evelina did not do many of the services listed for extra fee (the agency's service list is a lie, you have to check before), and moreover Evelina had attitude. In fact, most Polish and Russian ones think too much of themselves. After that, I asked for Laura, listed as a petite Romanian brunette, bronzed or brown. Instead, they sent me a very tall, pale Ukranian blonde - not my type. But she was very friendly and cooperative, so it was good. Ukranians do not seem to have bad attitude like Russians and Polish, although they also speak like Russians and Poles (poor, not pleasantly accented English). I recommend Ukranians and Romanians. Romanians are well mannered, do not have attitude, they speak English well, and are attractive - that is, if they have not disfigured themselves with tattoos. On the third day, I asked for one listed as Slovenian. The agency agreed but sent me Evelina a second time - I had found her pretty obnoxious earlier. Evelina has gone back to Poland, but she said will come back - I recommend avoiding her.

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