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Which agencies have real photos ? (5 posts)

  1. There are quite a few agencies from Russia. I want to know whether anyone knows agencies like Hottest and Cheapest escorts use real photos ? For example, has anyone met Ewelina or Alina on their site ? I have my doubts because I see a girl called Beata listed on their site as an Italian; the same photo appears in another agency with another name and is listed as Ukrainian. There are other sites like Harem escorts etc. Does anyone know if their photos are real ? Can anyone say recommend an agency that has real photos ? My experience with the Russian registered sites is you get someone different, although that person may be OK. I tried Indian agencies also, the price is low, but they don't even pretend to use real photos, the girls are pimped and you will most likely get an educated one. I have also met independents where what you see is what you get.

  2. From my practice ,Ukrainian girls are real .But only independent .Dont really trust agency


  4. I met ukrainian girl Sandra. Finally after all this fake profiles I found somebody real. So yes,independent girls are much better,they speak English and have nice attitude

  5. @alawi, yes it's true.

    • alawi Member

    I don't trust agencies, I prefer independent.

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